Nano Seal PRO – 200ml

Advanced Lotus Effect Sealant Alien Magic Luxmbourg

Nano Seal PRO – 200ml


Advanced Lotus Effect Sealant
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Why Nano Seal PRO?

Nano Seal Pro, well where do I begin, this product is our “piece de resistance” our “Prize Pony” our “Thoroughbred” our…well you get the picture, the product we are most proud of within the Alien Magic range and with good reason. Take a deep breath there is a lot of information to follow for all the tech-heads out there, and a lot of reasons why this product has blown the minds of the detailers that have used it.

Alien Magic Nano Seal PRO is based on Advanced Nano Technology which includes Nano particles that are small enough to enter and seal the microscopic defects found in paint finishes in the form of pin-holes and fissures which present a route through for moisture and airborne pollutants thus starting the process of corrosion in the base metal. Once Nano particles are in place they are virtually impossible to remove and so together with our premium grade ingredients deliver an outstanding long life protective barrier against natural and manufactured elements.

Nano Seal PRO ‘Lotus’ effect slip-surface technology helps repel dirt, maintain higher gloss levels and protection together with delivering superior Hydrophobic water sheeting. Using a unique blend of PTFE and Acrylic Resins and containing UV screen to provide truly unrivalled protection, This phenomenon leaves an extremely Deep Gloss Shine with a virtually impenetrable protective barrier for all today’s modern paint finishes.

Nano Seal PRO ‘Lotus’ effect slip-surface technology helps repel dirt, maintain higher gloss levels and protection together with delivering superior Hydrophobic water sheeting.

Nano Seal Pro will protect you cars paint against weather induced fading, damaging acid rain, oxidization, loss of lustre and UV rays. This extremely durable protective layer is completely invisible to the naked eye giving the vehicle an impenetrable transparent barrier for up to 5 Years on regularly maintained paintwork and up to 1 year on wheels.

Vigorously tested to extremes: Alien Magic Nano Seal PRO has undergone the most rigorous of development regimes to ensure suitability for use in the harshest of climates and environments around the world, our product contains no aromatic solvents.
Nano Seal PRO has been stringently tested by experts from the Institute for Chemistry in Industry and has proven to significantly protect the treated paint surface from weathering and extend its lifetime.


Test run comprises of 4,000 HOURS continuous cycle of:

4 hours of U/V, followed by 4 hours condensation, 4 hours of U/V etc.

Successful completion of 4,000 hours @ 60°C.

( 4,000 hours is theoretically equivalent to 20 years exposure )

*QUV is a Weatherometer.

Key Benefits

  • Truly unrivalled protection for up to 5 years
  • Leaves an extremely deep gloss shine
  • Creates a barrier against fading, acid rain, oxidization, loss of lustre and UV rays
  • Extends the life of painted surfaces
  • Can also be successfully used on glass, acrylic headlamps, alloys and and chrome
  • Vigorously tested in accelerated weather condition equivalent to 20 years exposure

Car Care Advice

Paint Sealants keep paintwork looking its best for longer, this particular sealant has proven to be a lifeline for paint. Protect your investment, stay in love with your vehicles finish and avoid unnecessary damage.

We suggest using Top Coat Pro every 12 months to top up the polymers and increase the durability of protection.Direction For Use

  • Shake well before use
  • Do not apply in direct sunlight or conditions below 7 degrees celcius
  • We highly recommend using Prep PRO before application to fully decontaminate desired area
  • Apply to clean and dry area, 1 panel at a time using an applicator or clean soft cloth
  • Allow the paint surface to haze, then buff to a deep shine with a clean dry plush microfibre cloth
  • Do not allow the paintwork to come into contact with any liquid for 4 hours after applications
  • Do not wash the vehicle for 7 days after application to allow the properties to fully bond

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