Glass PRO – 200ml

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Glass PRO – 200ml


Hydrophobic Glass Coat
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Why Glass PRO?

Glass Pro is an advanced formulation based on Ceramic Nano-Particles that bond and activate in contact with glass molecules to create a hydrophobic barrier layer while also covering minor scratches on all automotive glass.

Glass Pro actively repels water giving you better visibility in the rain, sleet and snow. As a result, rain drops and road spray are blown off by airflow over the car when driving speeds rise above 30 mph and carry away fresh dirt and grime, meaning that the coating is partially self-cleaning.

The durability of Glass PRO is outstanding, a single coat application will provide up to 6 months protection depending on application temperature and unforeseen adverse weather conditions. We highly recommend a second coat application on first use to ensure that maximum protection and durability is achieved.

The durability of our pro range is undeniable and this product is no exception, 2-4 squirts per window is all that is needed to apply a thin even layer of protections to all your vehicles glass, giving you up to 3 years protection from a single bottle.

Key Benefits

  • Nano-Ceramic formula ensures an extensive water repellent barrier at speeds of 30MPH and above
  • Bonds and activates with glass at a molecular level
  • Fills and bonds with hairline scratches creating a smooth surface
  • Repels water giving great visibility in rain, sleet and snow
  • Rejects dirt and grime making window cleaning an easy task
  • Durable and economical formula ensures a single bottle provides up to 3 years protection

Car Care Advice

Glass sealants are a fabulous addition to any detailers arsenal, the ability to repel water ensures your windscreen wipers will last you much longer.

Direction For Use

  • Ensure the surface is spotlessly clean ideally using Prep Pro residue remover
  • Apply in a dry place away from direct sunlight
  • Spray directly onto glass / window at a time and on to clan microfibre cloth
  • Buff off remaining residue until full transparency is achieved
  • Glass Pro will be cured after 20mins and ready for a 2nd coat application
  • Leave to cure for a further 3 hours before driving to fully achieve its properties

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