PRO 2 – 50ml

Black Trim Restorer Alien Magic Luxembourg

PRO 2 – 50ml


Black Trim Restorer
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Why PRO 2?

PRO 2 is a unique exterior trim restorer which contains Silica-Derivative Nano-Particles and high performance waxes which bond with exterior plastic trim, vinyl and rubber at the molecular lever for colour extraction.

The coating lasts between 3-6 months depending on weather conditions, usage and maintenance. We highly recommend a second coat on first use to obtain maximum durability.

Only 4-5 drops required per trim.

Key Benefits

  • Bond and activate in contact with plastic trim, vinyl and rubber
  • Extracts colour and brings it to the surface
  • Great durability from a single application
  • Very economical, any a few drops needed

Car Care Advice

Trim restoration is a great way to breath new life into tired, worn or faded trim, vinyl and rubber. Restored trim helps to keep the appreciation of the vehicle and retain much of its value. PRO 2 has excellent value for money as the highly concentrated formula only needs a few drops per trim piece to restore the colour and quality of the material.

Direction For Use

  • Ensure PRO 2 is applied in a dry place away from direct sunlight
  • Surface must be spotlessly clean prior to application, use Prep Pro prior to application
  • Apply 4-5 drops on a lint-free applicator and apply in circular overlapping motion
  • Leave to dry naturally
  • After 2nd application leave to cure for 3 hours to achieve the full properties

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