Anti-Fog PRO – 200ml

Hydrophilic Anti-Fog Coat Alien Magic Luxembourg

Anti-Fog PRO – 200ml


Hydrophilic Anti-Fog Coat
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Why Anti-Fog PRO?

An advanced, concentrated formulation, our hydrophilic spray is designed to absorb the moisture produced from the difference in temperature between the outside and inside of the vehicle.

Anti-Fog Pro will attract and absorb water, our coating will withstand rapid temperature changes and prevent freshly forming droplets from becoming large enough to be visible. In extreme cases when so much moisture is absorbed and saturation occurs a high degree of visibility is still achieved. The durability of Anti-Fog PRO is outstanding, single coat application is fully effective until the next routine window cleaning or up to 8 weeks if undisturbed.

Key Benefits

  • 8 weeks of clear, fog-free windows
  • Absorbs moisture, preventing droplets from forming on the inside of glass
  • Withstands rapid temperature changes
  • Crystal-clear viewing in adverse weather conditions
  • Extremely concentrated formula

Car Care Advice

Hydrophilic coatings absorb moisture unlike Hydrophobic coatings that create a barrier moisture can not penetrate. The properties in a hydrophilic coat ensure moisture can not form big enough to create droplets seen by the naked eye. There is nothing worst than foggy windows which cause reduced vision and make driving dangerous. Stay safe, stay in control.

Direction For Use

  • Apply Anti-fog Pro in a dry place out of direct sunlight
  • Glass must be spotlessly clean, we advise Prep pro to clean the glass prior to application
  • Spray 2-3 squirts directly onto the glass
  • Using a clean microfibre cloth work the formula into the glass in circular motion
  • Gently buff to remove any residue and seal the formula with a clean microfibre cloth

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