Nano Clay Bar KIT – 300g

Nano Clay Bar KIT – 300g Alien Magic Luxembourg

Nano Clay Bar KIT – 300g


Fine, Medium, Heavy

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Why Nano Clay Bar KIT?

Alien Magic high quality detailing clay bars are made in the UK and are an innovative product for deep cleaning and preparation of car paint before wax and sealant applications. Our clay bars contain TITANIUM compounds which allow impurities to be removed from ANY painted or glass surface.

Detailing clay bars easily remove bug, tar, road dirt, brake dust, oxidation, surface rust, paint over spray and much more. Our revolutionary non-scratch surface cleaning TITANIUM putty will simply and safely lift away ANY surface contamination when used in conjunction with Alien Magic Nuru clay lube. Our Nano Clay Bar Kit contains all 3 grades (Fine, Medium, Heavy) 300g in total.

Key Benefits

  • Deep cleans removing impurities from any painted or glass surface
  • Removes an array of contamination from the surface
  • Contains Titanium compounds which can remove very light damage
  • All 3 grades of clay bar in 1 easy to store kit

Car Care Advice

The term “clay barring” refers to the process of decontaminating any exterior smooth surfaces such as painted, glass or Perspex of a vehicle using a piece of “clay putty” which is lubricated using a wetting agent containing lubricants often called clay lube. Very fine contaminants such as iron particles, rail dust, water spots, paint over spray embeds itself in the surface and are not able to be removed by washing, clay barring is the most effective way of removing them without the more aggressive method of polishing.

Direction For Use

  • Wash the surface using shampoo thoroughly
  • Manipulate the clay into a flat shape comfortable to hold
  • Wet both the surface to be treated and the clay using Nuru Super Smooth Clay Lube
  • Lightly rub the clay over the surface until it becomes smooth
  • Ensure the surface remains wet at all times
  • Wipe the residue off the clay and fold over to reveal a fresh surface

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