Aqua – 5 Litre

Aqua Nano polish hydrophobic we coat Alien Magic Luxembourg

Aqua – 5 Litre


Hydrophobic Wet Coat
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Why Aqua?

Easy of application, amazing hydrophobic effectiveness, outstanding wet coat gloss, honestly I could go on and on about the huge benefits this product would give anyone from the experienced detailer to the weekend warrior.

The versatility of Aqua means it is ideal for painted, plastic, chrome, vinyl and glass surfaces imparting an extra deep high gloss shine, unrivalled fast drying action, free from spotting or streaking in the rain.

Aqua is very economical as it can be used neat as a spray on and pressure rinse off hydrophobic wet coat providing a barrier against rain, splashes, dirt and road debris for up to 12 weeks. Diluted with either hot or cold water to our specific ratio it can be used to top up the repellent properties every 2-4 weeks. Dilution in a bucket is also a great way to use this product as it can then be applied in the same way as a shampoo. If you want even more options for how to apply this great product how about in a low pressure washer diluted and sprayed onto the surface then rinsed off using high pressure.

Key Benefits

  • Effortless application
  • Up to 12 weeks protection against the elements
  • Nano technology
  • Extra deep high gloss shine
  • Truly versatile performing amazingly on all exterior surfaces
  • Highly water repellent
  • Fast drying action, free from spotting or streaking
  • Great economy meaning a little goes a long way
  • Multiple application methods

Car Care Advice

Aqua is a magnificent liquid that will transform the way you choose to protect your vehicle due to its versatility and ease of application. We advise using Bling shampoo is used in a 2 bucket method with a grit guard in each and at least 2 microfibre wash mitts. Once dried apply Aqua in your chosen method to the outside of the vehicle and then rinsed off using high pressure to activate its unique properties.

Direction For Use

  • Wash vehicle with shampoo and rinse of thoroughly
  • Vehicle must remain wet when applying Aqua
  • Apply Aqua using your chosen method and rinse thoroughly
  • For dilution in a bucket use ratio 1:25 with either cold or hot water (1 part Aqua to 25 parts water)
  • Through machine application typically set the pump feed to 5-10%
  • Top up dilution ratio 1:100 if your just maintaining the repellent properties on existing Aqua coating
  • Dry off excess from surfaces with a clean dampened microfibre cloth to leave deep gloss finish

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5 Litre


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