Reborn – 500ml

Reborn Wax and Sealant Remover Alien Magic Luxembourg

Reborn – 500ml


Wax & Sealant Remover
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Why Reborn?

When preparing paintwork for the final stage whether it be wax, sealant or ceramic coating the importance of ensuring the surface is as decontaminated and smooth as possible is essential. Reborn removes any oils, grease, wax, or sealants which may lay on the surface of paint, glass or any exterior surface without any abrasives. Unlike Isopropyl (IPA) which cleanses the surface but can still redeposit oils on the surface Reborn will totally eradicate them leaving behind a surface as fresh and cleansed as it was the day it was created.

Reborn makes cleansing surfaces effortless with its spray on buff formula minimizing the amount of contact you make with the surface.

Key Benefits

  • Outstanding all surface cleaner
  • Cuts through a variety of contamination with ease
  • Will not stain or leave any residue behind
  • Strips the surface of waxes and oils ready for the LSP
  • Great dilution ratios
  • Tackles oils, wax and sealants with ease
  • NO toxic odours
  • Highly economical

Car Care Advice

Pre wax cleansers are essential before applying the LSP to your paintwork, the surface must be ideally prepared if the LSP is to be at its best. The paint should be clean and dry prior to applying Reborn.

Direction For Use

  • Wash and dry the paintwork thoroughly
  • Dilute Reborn with clean water 3:1 ratio
  • Spray directly onto the desired area and gently agitate with soft applicator or wash mitt
  • Work the product into the surface
  • Once the vehicle is cleansed rinse it with water and follow by washing it with non wax shampoo “ Bling “
  • Can be diluted up to 20:1 depending on existing protection

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500 ml


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